Connect over your love of heavy metal, join others for underground jazz festivals, or help organize the next concert at Nexus. Sit back, grab a beer or a soda, and listen to some sweet improvisation or grab your instrument and get carried away in the tunes at our monthly jam nights.
Whatever your particular fancies, you will find like-minded people in CBS Jam.



Through CBS Jam you'll get access to a state-of-the-art rehearsal facility, only 600 meters from Dalgas Have. Maybe you have a band and need to polish your set before a concert, maybe you just want to jam with your friends, or maybe it's about keeping your skills sharp without starting a war with your neighbors. We've equipped it with quality drums, amplifiers and PAs, so you won't be missing anything.



We want to take music to school and part of that is sharing it with the rest of CBS. We host 2-3 concerts per semester in collaboration with Nexus, where you get the chance to rock the socks off of your fellow students. Join us as we fill Nexus to the brim with enthusiastic music-lovers and help us dispel the myth that CBS is all diagrams and techno.